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Chairman – Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Azizan bin Ariffin
Tan Sri joined the Malaysian Armed Forces in 1970, later accredited as a Pilot Officer in 1971. He was promoted to Brigadier General Air Force in 1996 and was later appointed as the Chief Air Force in 2006. He was pronounced the 17th Malaysia Chief of Armed Forces on 2009 – 2011.

Tan Sri Dato’ Sri was graciously appointed the Chairman for Kerjaya Sukses in 2012.

Director – Datuk Seri Ahmad bin Haji Kabit
Datuk Seri was an Administrative & Diplomatic Officer with various government ministries and agencies from 1976 to 2012. He was with the Ministry of International Trade & Industry, Public Service Department, Ministry of Information, Ministry of Transport, Municipal Council for Ampang Jaya as well as the Ministry of Health. His last position was the Chief Secretary with the Ministry of Housing & Local Government.

Datuk Seri graciously accepted the Directorship with Kerjaya Sukses in 2013.

Director – Mohd Sharifuddin Jasiman
Encik. Sharifuddin holds a Master of Science in Education from the Portland State University. His achievements are designing the Foundation Program for the Royal Malaysian Navy Submarine Training in France and he also assisted in the development of the Submarine Training Modules with a French Company (NAVFCO) for the Royal Malaysian Navy.

Encik Sharifuddin joined Kerjaya Sukses as a Director in 2012.

Director – Abdul Manaf Mohamed Yasin
Encik. Abdul Manaf holds an MBA in Finance with 23 years extensive Human Resources management experience in both unionized and non-unionized environments across various industries. He is also a HR Consultant for companies such as the IDS Group, ISTIQ Noise Control, Asia Telecoms. His core practices are profiling competencies, standardizing & realignment of HR processes, recruitment, talent identification, succession planning as well as compensation & training.

Encik Abdul Manaf joined Kerjaya Sukses as a Director in 2013.

Director – Encik A. Wahab Bakar
Encik A. Wahab Bakar is a graduate in Economics (Applied Economics) from University of Malaya, alumni of International Management Development, Lausanne, Switzerland and London Business School. Experienced more than 35 years of substantive corporate experience covering both local corporations and multinational companies ranging from airlines (Malaysian Airlines), oil & gas (Exxon Mobil), mining (Malaysian Mining Bhd), financial institution (CitiBank Malaysia) and food & beverage (Nestle Malaysia - manufacturing & retail).

Wahab speaks at local and international forum on HR management and represents employer at the meetings and sharing sessions in Singapore, Philippines, Korea, Japan, Brussels, Switzerland, China, India and Fiji. Encik A. Wahab Bakar joined Kerjaya Sukses as a Director in 2015.