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Manager As Coach Learning Series (MAC) - Creating a culture where employees are encouraged, inspired and rewarded for success – a coaching culture – accelerates organizational success. Effectively coaching others to achieve their full potential is a requirement for organizations to succeed in today’s challenging environment. With MAC, line supervisors to executives gain the ability to coach, build trust and conduct constructive conversations that develop and engage employees to drive organizational performance. This program transforms participants into coaches. Using adult learning principles, MAC provides practical knowledge and essential resources to improve both individual and organizational performances. Structured and succinct experiential sessions, delivered over a span of time, allow participants to immediately transfer learning into practice. Tailoring MAC to the organization’s specific needs further enhances its relevancy, sustainability and impact on business performance.

Coaching On Demand - On-site Coaching On Demand for Managers who would like guidance on how to be more effective around the performance management process. Our consultants can be on site all day so that Managers can sign up for one- to two-hour coaching sessions to discuss real-life issues around the current appraisal process.

Forté - The Forté Communication Style Report gives each person a detailed report of “who" they are, how they are currently adapting to their environment and how they are most likely coming across to others.

“All assessment is a perpetual work in progress" quoted by Linda Suskie. Self-assessment is the first step to all assessment.

Forté measures communication strengths which reflect the following: Decision Making Style, People Focus, Pace and System/Detail Focus. It provides a full description of each person's primary strength, secondary strength and two sub-strengths.

Create Your Career GPS (CGPS) - Best-in-class organizations recognize that it is their people who make a difference. That's why they view an investment in the development of their employees as an investment in their own success! Empowered employees are more productive and positively affect an organization's success. With CGPS, employees are engaged, renewed and reinvigorated as they acknowledge workplace trends, identify their passions and talents and discover how they can best align their career goals with their organization's strategic objectives and business goals.