SOLUTIONS » Executive Development

Executive Coaching - Each coaching engagement focuses on the skills, abilities and behaviours that lead to improved business performance and results. With input from key stakeholders, our executive coaches work with leaders and managers to identify critical skill areas that focus on individual growth needs. Our coaches also focus on areas that can be leveraged and strengthened to bring about improvements in productivity and performance of a team or organization.

Leadership Assessment Services - This service provides a mix of assessments packaged together to provide an accurate and objective summary of an executive's strengths, potential derailers and key development needs and priorities.  The assessments are selected to align with his/her specific client objectives.  If desired, this service can be tailored to include an off-the-shelf, instrumented 360º feedback assessment and/or a series of structured interviews.  The assessment process is followed by an in-depth interpretive session.  Follow-up individual development planning and executive coaching is optional.

Leader Assimilation Services - Executives who take on a new position, whether they are promoted from within or hired from the outside, find their honeymoon quickly ends. Expectations for reaching set goals and objective are high, yet the time frame for achieving those expected results is narrowing. The Centre for Creative Leadership has reported that 40 percent of new leaders fail in their first 18 months. This reality is painful and expensive for the leaders, their teams and the company as a whole. We can help offer clients options to enable newly transitioned leaders to become quickly oriented in a new role.

SOLUTIONS » Career Transition Services

Transition Services - Working with The Ayers Group, we are able to be a positive force in the lives of thousands of professionals, helping them to negotiate successful career moves. We offer a range of options, from cost-effective, internet-based solutions, to highly individualized assistance for executives and professionals whose transitions involve taking new positions within organizations, starting businesses and consulting firms or retirement. We have worked with employees at all levels, including CEOs, senior executives, managers, individual contributors and support staff.

Active Life Planning (ALP) - One of life’s most important transitions occurs when exiting the corporate world. People are no longer embracing traditional retirement; they want or need new forms of "work". Our ALP services lead people through the transition from corporate life into the next phase. Our services also address companies’ needs to retain intellectual capital and retain talent by implementing effective succession plans.

Create Your Career GPS (CGPS) - Best-in-class organizations recognize that it is their people who make a difference. That's why they view an investment in the development of their employees as an investment in their own success! Empowered employees are more productive and positively affect an organization's success. With CGPS, employees are engaged, renewed and reinvigorated as they acknowledge workplace trends, identify their passions and talents and discover how they can best align their career goals with their organization's strategic objectives and business goals.